Studying for a DPhil requires an aptitude for original, independent and critical thinking, as well as the ability to write reports, present data and manage projects. Additionally, working at the interface between the life and physical sciences requires a particularly high degree of flexibility as the presentation of research can differ greatly across disciplines.

The Skills Training programme, which runs throughout the four years, is designed not only to equip students with the necessary skillset to carry out their research at Oxford, but also provides an opportunity to develop personal transferable skills.Through a series of lectures, seminars and workshops students will be able to improve their competence and confidence as researchers. These qualities are not only key in research but equally important in many careers.

Career Development training covers presentation and communication skills, scientific writing, research ethics, scientific methodology, public understanding of science, outreach and science communication, management skills including managing your DPhil, interview techniques and career progression.
The aim of this task is to write a short literature review as part of a group (5 students). Each group will be led by an academic supervisor and the intention is that by the end of the academic year, each review will be published in a peer-reviewed journal.
What makes an efficient, elegant and interesting total synthesis? Which disconnections are important? What strategic and tactical considerations should be taken into account when designing an approach? These questions will be probed using a group-focused approach. Each group will be tasked with (i) proposing an approach to a complex total synthesis - with an emphasis on new strategic approaches, and (ii) presenting their chosen route to the rest of the cohort. Questions and constructive criticism of all approaches are positively encouraged.
The Graduate School is a part of the MPLS Division of which students automatically become a member when they commence their course at the SBM CDT. Through the Graduate School website students can access training within the Division (Graduate Academic Programme; GAP) as well as the Careers Service, IT Services, and the Language Centre.
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