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Daniel Cox
University College
Originally from Buckinghamshire, Dan completed his MChem degree at University College, University of Oxford. During his Part II year Dan worked under the supervision of Prof. Darren Dixon, investigating the total synthesis of the clavine alkaloids. His research interests within synthetic chemistry are broad, with particular interest in target synthesis and the development of novel methodology. Outside of chemistry Dan enjoys reading, music, and hiking.
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Suzanne Davison
Wadham College
Originally from Suffolk, Suzie recently graduated with a First Class Honours MChem degree in Chemistry from the University of St Andrews. As part of her degree, Suzie spent 12 months working as a synthetic chemist at GSK Montrose focusing on a variety of process improvement initiatives. For her final year project, Suzie worked under the supervision of Prof. Allan Watson investigating C-H activation using cyanoboron reagents to synthesise aryl nitriles. Suzie then undertook a summer project, again under the supervision of Prof. Allan Watson, focusing on the optimisation of a copper-catalysed iodination mechanism. Outside of the lab, Suzie enjoys sailing and being by the sea.
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Samuel Holmes
Keble College
Sam is from Leeds in the beautiful county of Yorkshire. He studied his MSci in Natural Sciences at Selwyn College, University of Cambridge, specialising in Chemistry for the third and fourth years. In the fourth year, he completed a masters project under the supervision of Prof. Jonathan Nitschke on the development of organic ligands for metal-organic cages containing silver(I). Sam is most interested in the synthesis of structurally complex molecules, and in the application of new methodologies in total synthesis problems. He is also very passionate about teaching science and maths, volunteering on several tutoring and outreach programs that work with young people who want to study science at university. Being from Yorkshire, Sam enjoys spending time in the countryside and going on long walks - as well as playing the piano, clarinet and a bit of badminton.
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Callan Maloney
Lincoln College
Callan is the recipient of a University of Oxford Clarendon Scholarship. Originally from Ourimbah, a small, tranquil town on the east coast of New South Wales, Australia, Callan completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney, graduating with First Class Honours and the University Medal in Organic Chemistry. While his Honours project focussed on strategies for the total synthesis of marine natural products, Callan has been involved in a wide range of projects, and has developed particular interests in reaction development and process chemistry. In parallel, Callan is an ardent follower of the arts, particularly cinema, literature, and music.
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Dmitri Petropavlovskikh
Magdalen College
Dmitri is the recipient of a Hill Foundation Scholarship 2022. Originally from the small town of Yoshkar-Ola in central Russia, Dmitri graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with a First Class Honours MSc in Chemistry degree and the Gold Medal. During his final year project, he worked on the synthesis of new Z-selective ruthenium metathesis catalysts with unsymmetrical fluorinated NHC ligands and investigation of their catalytic activity. After graduation, Dmitri took part in a project devoted to the use of C-H activation for the design of trifluoromethyl-containing amino acids with different heterocyclic cores. His research interests include developing new methodologies for synthetic organic chemistry, with a particular focus on biologically active compounds, enantioselective synthesis and cascade reactions. Apart from academia, Dmitri enjoys travelling, playing the piano and the violin, reading, taking photographs and spending time with friends.
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Julia Ragus
University College
Julia is the recipient of the Oxford-Radcliffe SBM CDT Scholarship 2022. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, she completed her MChem degree at St John’s College, University of Oxford. Prior to her undergraduate experience, Julia worked as an intern in six different research groups in Poland on topics ranging from physical to organic chemistry. Her Master’s project in Prof. Ed Anderson’s group focused on the reactivity of new classes of yndiamides, which strengthened her interest in transition metal catalysis. In addition, Julia has a keen interest in green chemistry and hopes to make science more sustainable as a part of her research career. Outside the lab, Julia gets involved in the Polish community, and her hobbies include logic games and working out at the gym.
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Ben Sinclair
Merton College
Originally from Cheshire, England, Ben completed his MChem degree at Christ Church College, University of Oxford. During his final year project he worked in Professor Stephen Fletcher’s group on using rhodium catalysed addition-cyclisation cascades to modify cyclobutenes. His interests lie in novel methodologies and their application in the synthesis of medicinally relevant molecules. In his spare time, Ben enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, cooking and hiking.
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Edward Smith
Pembroke College
Teddy is the recipient of a University of Oxford's Clarendon Scholarship. Teddy grew up in London, and recently completed his undergraduate degree at Pembroke College, Oxford. During this time, he did his Part II project under the supervision of Prof. Tim Donohoe, working on the synthesis of cyclohexenes via a [1,5]-hydride shift - aldol cascade reaction. Teddy’s research interests include new methodologies and their applications in synthesis. Outside of chemistry, Teddy enjoys rowing for his college, and cooking for friends.
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